Tucker Arnold Foundation

Brave: "To never give up and to know that you don't have a limit to how hard you can try." - Tucker Arnold, 2011

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Tuc​ker was an 11 year old and little brother to Brady & Codi. He was diagnosed with a high risk Acute Lymophoblas​tic Leukemia with T(17:19) translocati​on on March 26th, 2010. A bone marrow biopsy done on June 7th, 2010 showed he was remission. A CBC done on December 17th, 2010 showed that he relapsed. His form of ALL is rare found in only 1% of cases. It is resistant to treatment and no child has survived treatment. His team of Doctors and Nurses fought hard for him, however at 2 am on February 16, 2011 Tucker lost his battle when he went into kidney failure.
He braved nearly a year of intensive chemotherapy which required that he come into the hospital every 21 days for nearly a week long stay. One of those stays happened to be during his 11th birthday.Tucker was blessed with a windfall of toys and gifts. "There are to many presents here for just one boy." He asked his mother to go around the rooms and make a list of the ages and gender of the children who were in the hospital with him that day. He used the list to pick out a gift for each child from the treasure trove of presents that he had received. Then his mom pulled him from room to room in an over-sized wagon that was filled with the gifts. With each room and child he remarked on how happy it made him feel to see the smiles on their faces when they were given a present for no reason.  When Tucker learned that his fate would not be survival he was asked what he wanted to be remembered by. He said that he wanted to start a charity called Tucker's Toybox that would bring the gift of a new toys to the children in the cancer ward like he did on his birthday. Because getting a new toy helped make the hospital not such a bad place to be.

Tucker looked at life with a generous heart. He thought of others and would often try to defuse a dark moment with humor and a joke. He wanted to help people be happy and ease their worries. He wanted to share what he could to those around him because lifting their spirits, lifted his.

Tucker passed from Earth to Heaven on February 16, 2011. His message of hope to other children lives on. In the days before his death he was asked what it means to him to be brave. He said. "To never give up and to know that you don't have a limit to how hard you can try." Tucker gave it his all in his battle with cancer. His generosity, loving kindness, bravery and joyful spirit will live on through the work of his foundation.