Grief And The Blame Game

"You can't place blame in hindsight like that, when you didn't know, you couldn't know and we may never know why it happened..." ~ Cy Zentzis, Childhood Cancer Angel, 2015

Any time we experience something negative or challenging we all have a tenancy to want to blame someone for it. If they hadn't done it then I would not be experiencing sadness, frustration, anger or confusion.  Even if it is to blame ourselves....fault must be placed somewhere. It keeps things in order, you in control and justice prevails, right?! Wrong. Sometime we must accept that there are times that there is no one to blame, no one did anything wrong or is out to get us. Sometimes we have to accept that shit just happened and then figure out what to do with the pile. Easier said than done with spilled milk but when you are talking about the dealing with these challenges in the context of a loss of a loved one, we enter into a whole knew realm of finger pointing.

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