Christmas Still Comes

Sometimes March 26th comes and goes and I do not notice for several days that I missed it. This was the day my whole life changed and there are years that it has gone unnoticed.  Sometimes the 16th passes by and again I have started to adjust to its monthly arrival enough not to fixate on it and the sad reminder it carries with it.  But December 17th has yet to escape me, and with all of its horrors, Christmas still comes.  I remember meeting with Dr. Chang and learning that Tucker’s cancer had come back.  I remember staring at the harsh white conference table under the sterile cool white light of the fluorescent fixtures above me.  The words echoed in my head.  “I don’t think we can save him.”  I looked helplessly at him and begged for him not to give up.  He hadn't, he wouldn't but he like me wasn't sure what to do next, yet Christmas still comes. 

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