The Marathon and Me

With just a few hours left, I impulsively made a promise to my son.  One that I had no idea if I could keep. Ultimately, I am not sure the exact reason I would make such a promise.  Even as I said it, part of me was thinking...."This is way out in left field. Can you even do this?" but it was big and I guess at the moment, when I could do nothing else, I needed it to be big. I will never know for sure if my brave 11 year old boy heard my tear soaked promise made in the twilight of his short life but I had heard it and knew that it was promise that I would have to keep.  A few short hours later on that early February 16th morning in 2011, when most Portlanders were sleeping in there safe comfortable beds, I watch in disbelief as the seemingly impossible happened and Tucker took his last breath on earth.

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