Walk For The Brave At Portland Marathon

So far I have raise $200 for the Walk for the Brave which is in 4 weeks.      $200 = 4 TAF Birthday Club Gift for brave kids that are battling cancer OR covers the postage for 16 gifts.  If that is all I raise, I will still gladly walk the 26.2 miles that I promised Tucker I would do in his memory. Because these kids are worth it. What they go through during cancer treatment makes a marathon a walk in the park. I would love to be able to send out at least 1 gift per mile. That would be $1300 or $312 to cover just the postage for a TAF Birthday Club Member. 

Tucker's Toybox sends birthday gifts to children nationwide that are in the fight of their lives.  After spending Tucker's last and 11th birthday inpatient at Doernbecher Children's Hospital and seeing Tucker share his birthday gifts with all of the other children who were there with him that day, we know how significant a birthday is to a family who is undergoing childhood cancer treatment. 

Please consider making a small donation to insure this very important program continues for these brave kids!  

"Thank you Tucker's Toybox for remembering Rett on his 5th birthday! He LOVES his presents! XOXO"

Riley with her TAF Birthday Club Gift

"Thank you for JJ's Birthday Gift. He absolutely loved that he got a package in the mail."

Thank you for your support...I am heading out on a training walk now! =) 

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