Tucker's Toybox gives toys to kids at Randall Children's Hospital

Fox news Coverage of Tucker's Toybox.

(Tucker's Toybox at Randall Children's Hospital Oncology Clinic)

Tucker's Toybox donated a toybox stuffed full of toys to the oncology clinic at Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in memory of Tucker Arnold. The day marks the beginning of Tucker Arnold Foundation hosting their programs for at the hospital.  TAF works with Child life Specialist and  Oncology Social Workers at Children's Hospitals nationwide to celebrate birthday's with kids that are undergoing childhood cancer treatment, as well as send Seasonal Birthday Parties to brighten up their days with a fun filled party.

(Plaque on each Tucker's Toybox)

I am very blessed to have the support of KPTV Fox News in Portland, Oregon.  They were the first to media outlet to cover Tucker's Toybox and his story to the world.  It is bittersweet how far we have come now that Tucker Arnold Foundation is 17 months old.  I am incredibly blessed by the love and support our friends, families and donors are showing my brave son by insuring that his last wish remains a reality.  As we find ourselves growing and reaching other hospitals nationwide to bring fun into the live of so many children here and afar I am reminded of sitting with him while he expressed his desire to have Tucker's Toybox created to remember him by.  To see the tears in his eyes as he expressed his fear that I would not be able to afford to buy all of the toys and the bold promise I made to him that I would never have to purchase a single one.  That as soon as people found out what he want they would make sure that we never were without enough toys to fulfill his legacy.

(Dr. Glover, Oncologist; Jen Arnold, TAF Founder; Deb Adams, TAF Co-Founder; Sarah Porter, Oncology Social Worker; Jessica Commings, Oncology Child Life Specialist) 

Tucker may not have imagined at the time his hope to bless other kids fighting for their lives would become a national organization.  That his spirit to give on his birthday would reach further than just Doernbecher Children's Hospital into the lives of families thought the United States, but by modeling his generous spirit our grass root nonprofit is taking on the challenge and changing lives.  I receive wonderful emails and comments from parents that our birthday programs are making a difference into not only their children's live but into theirs as well.  A single mom wrote to us: "I can not thank you enough for his gifts. As a single mom who does not receive child support cannot work due to son's health issues and thousands of dollars in medical debt there is no way my son would have gotten anything without you."  This really hit home for me as I was a single parent during Tucker's treatment and can relate to the financial hardship that she is facing.

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  1. It really makes a difference to help these patients and their families even through giving away toys. It lightens up the children's lives. Nevertheless, this is a very inspiring story. Glad you've shared this to us, your readers.


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