The Beginning Of The End.

Ten months...seems unreal.  Today last year, we had just gotten home from our Make A Wish Trip, Tucker complained of his stomach hurting and was run down.  Easy to blame on a busy vacation, packed with fast food and fun, but I called the oncology clinic anyways.  After going over the symptoms and knowing we were checking into Doernbecher the next day for chemo, we were to watch him closely. Take some zophran, oxy and a heat pack.  If he didn't improve we would go to the ER. So we snuggled on the couch and Tucker pain subsided.  The next day we checked into the hospital for what we thought would be a typical 4 day stay and Tucker never left.  Our four day plan turned into two months, nearly to the day and I walked out of the hospital, surrounded by family but without my son. 

(Make A Wish Trip To LegoLand, 2010)

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  1. I thank the Lord often that I was able to share this trip with our beautiful angel:-) we all miss him so. My heart goes out to you during this first Christmas without him.


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