P's & Q's - Remembering 9/11 and Tucker

We will never forget.

So much has happened since I first wrote this, although I still like to share it every 9/11. I am no longer married and Tucker is no longer here with us....but as I read this I am still grateful for his patriotism and spirit. This event in our world shaped the little boy that he was and the man he would have become.

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Tucker & Hailey

Many of you have heard me mention some of the firsts Tucker accomplished in his last weeks on earth. Though his bucket list was limited because of our circumstances one of the most important thing on it was to send a real valentine to the girl he had a crush on. She was his best friend and her name was Hailey. For Valentines Day she sent him a family picture, which he hung in his room at Doernbecher. He had wrote her a letter complete with hand drawn and family pictures as well. This wasn't just a Valentine it was also a goodbye letter. He began telling her he would never forget her and ending it by telling her that he thought she was pretty. He entrusted his Aunt Deborah to hand deliver it to her.

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