Life, Love, Family and Friends.

(Tucker and Dr Chang)

This picture means so many things to me...I see the look in his eyes, I don't see fear or anger and that impresses me. Tucker insisted on having a glass of sparkling cider with Dr Chang before they discussed his treatment plan. Tucker knew his kidneys were failing and he knew that the cancer had not gone into a second remission after his final chemo attempt, his counts had not returned and that the fungal infection in his blood was still uncontrollable. He had a choice to go into the PICU for a week straight of dialysis to clear high levels of toxins from his blood but that would do nothing for his counts, the cancer or the infection.  Nor would it guarantee that the kidneys would ever heal. Tucker knew he was not eligible for transplant nor would he survive that kind of surgery.  So with his wise old soul he decided he would rather not do any more proceedures and he asked us to call all of his family around him to celebrate with him his life.

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