Hero's Among Us.

I get this note on my son's online guestbook for his obituary asking me to look at an ad on page A6 of the paper.  Sadly my first thought was that someone was using my son's condolence page to spam me.....who would do such a thing? Miffed I went to the portion of the paper that I had discarded, unread, and search for the ad in question. I had just purchased the paper to have a published copy of the small obituary that I could afford to run. Upon finding the cast aside section A, I flipped to page 6 and gasped....who would do such a thing? Tears filled my eyes as before me is the very obituary that I could not afford to run on my son's birthday.  Through an annonomous gift from someone identified as Team Tucker Admirer my words had found their way into the pages of The Oregonian. Feeling foolish for assuming the worst at first, may faith in humanity and it's gracious generousity bostered. I find myself humbled and blessed with a greatful heart. Your kind gesture speaks...no screams to my soul. To say thank you is not enough. I am reminded that everyday a hero emerges.....not always by leaping a tall building in a single bound but sometimes just by doing good for the sake of love and not asking for any credit. 

(Page A6, The Oregonian, June 2, 2011)
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(The obituary I was able to  run on page C7)

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