Facing Your Worst Fears....

Although I have been headstrong in this fight and fighting hard to stay positive....we were faced with our worst fear on Friday 12-17-10. Tucker's Cancer was back. But not only back, the doctors didn't know what could be done to put him into another remission. We didn't know if the cancer had grown too smart and if any standard chemotherapy could be effective. With days till Christmas we had the sobering reminder that this could be Tucker's last one. It is a heartbreak that is unimaginable. How do you tell an 11 year old that we may have come to the point that quality of life and comfort care was all that was left to do. I couldn't bear the thought.


Childhood Cancer Sucks....

There just isn't a better title to this post.  I heard today about one of the sweet little cancer warriors of 10 south who's cancer has relapsed again.  I am heartbroken for her family.  It just is so unfair.  In my last post I expressed frustration that Tucker is not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. Yet this little fighter has had two already. There are no guarantees. I am so frustrated that their is no cure for childhood cancer. Just a best effort to put it into remission and a hope and a prayer that it remains in remission.

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