First Kiss

I was in 8th grade, his name was Billy Vaughn.  My first official "boyfriend" and true love that lasted all of about 3 months. Something that I will always remember and a memory that I will cherish!  As I recall it was after classes behind the school near the track. I was pretty nervous and wasn't sure it was going to happen.  I was leaning against the wall and Billy simply leaned in and planted it on me. In a snap it was over. The most distinct memory was that he had a cold and a runny nose and well for lack of a better description basically slimed me in the process. (Sorry Billy)  Slime and all it was great. A first kiss and I was floating on air as I walked home from school that day. Right of passage, Check!

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  1. Jen, your post is stunningly beautiful. You have dared to think about such a beautiful point, about just one part of what is at stake here - hopes and questions we all wonder about when our babies are brand new. What will they like to do? What will they laugh about? What will be their favorite foods? And a first kiss... I have thought about how leukemia might affect relationships for Cy in the future, a question kids with cancer probably always face. I am grappling with the fact that he'll be infertile after the transplant. It is so poignantly true that milestones are always significant for a child, but for us now they are particularly sweet and we will doubly cherish every one.


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