Not another no!

So what do you do when your child refuses to eat or even worse.....move.  It amazes me how stubborn Tucker can be.  It is this strong will that helps him battle leukemia but it also takes it's toll too.  Especially when he refuses the things that he needs.  A big part of me whats to let it slide, after all he has been through so much right? But a greater part knows that even when it causes him to cry, hurt and really dislike me it is necessary to push him.

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Carrots in the Garden

Tucker is in complete remisson, so what does that mean exactly?  Many friends and family ask why he has to have such intensive treatments still and why his chemotherapy will last still yet another 2.5 to 3 years, at least.  Doesn't remission mean that he doesn't have cancer?  I wish it was that easy and that is a common misunderstanding.

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Chemo made me do it.

There are times that Tucker will say the cruelest things.  My sweet little boy in a matter of a split second turns into a tyrate that just can't understand why you didn't notice he needed his pillow moved.  He is frustrated that you asked if he needed anything. Then frustrated that you didn't ask. Then in the heat of it all he will look across the room...."Mom, can I have a hug?" he says with his arms extended. Both chemotherapy and steriods wreak havoc on his moods and mine. 

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