Tastes and Cravings

Tucker has been craving chinese food this week and last week he told me that yakasoba noodles was his favorite food.  Both he would of never tried prior to his diagnosis.  Steroids and chemotherapy have a strange effects on the diet and diet is something I often find myself thinking about a lot.  There really is no rhyme or reason why one food will be his absolute favorite one week and completely uneatable the next.  Chemotherapy can turn the smell of a double bacon cheeseburger into the most foul smell ever.  While Steroids will cause him to be so hungry that he craves foods he would of never taken a second glace at.  Like curry shrimp for example.


Pills, shots and ointments. Oh my.

The first thing that you have to get worked out is a plan for all the medications your child will need to take.  Each case is different but all will require an arsenal of medications. Some over the counter and others pharmacy grade. Tucker's would change monthly. Some stay the same but others drop off the list as we enter new phases of treatment.  Each month would end with unused perscriptions.  The first thing I did was set up a medication station in my kitchen to keep everything organized.


White Blood

The term leukemia comes from the Greek words for White and Blood.  It is a cancer of the blood that starts in the bone marrow and spreads to the bloodstream when one white blood cell mutates and begins to multiply uncontrollably. That one cell become 10 billion cells in a short amount of time.

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And So Begins The Fight

Blonde hair, blue eyes and a sweet little smile, that still has baby teeth in it. My heart aches with frustration. My soul cries out why. I want to hit something and hit it hard, pound on the chest of fate and scream, “Who the hell are you?” How is it that my son, my baby would have to face such an awful demon as cancer at just 10 years old.   I wrote these words just shortly after learning that my youngest son had cancer.